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LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs come in a variety of wattages, as well as base types and color temperatures, to suit your lighting needs. Please contact us for more information or a quote.

Long and Short Neck LED Bulbs

PAR 30 Long Neck

PAR 30 Short Neck


PAR 38 Bulb

PAR 16 LED Bulb and the PAR 20 LED Bulb

BR and A Type LED Bulbs

The BR 20, 30 and 40 Watt LED Light Bulbs   

The A19 LED Light Bulb

MR16 LED Light Bulbs


The MR16 GU 10 Base (silver) and the MR16 GU 5.3 Base (white)

GU10 Lamp:
These lamps have a turn-and-lock base, so they cannot be accidentally interchanged with low-voltage lamps. Their filaments are finer and they are much more fragile than those used in low-voltage lamps and have a far less lumen output than the low voltage lamps. LED lamps have been developed as GU10 to be operated directly on mains voltage, but unlike Halogen types, they perform the same as low voltage lamps. They can house electronic drivers direct off the mains power and can perform more efficiently and can also be made dimmable using standard residential phase cut dimmers.

MR16 Lamp:
MR16 lamps contain single-ended quartz halogen filament capsules with a multifaceted reflector (MR); a pressed glass reflector with the inside surface composed of facets and covered by a reflective coating. These facets provide optical control by gathering the light from the filament to create a concentrated beam of light. The reflective coating can be either Dichroic or Aluminum. Most MR16 lamps are operated using voltages lower than 120 volts, typically 12V. MR16 lamps can be dimmed through commercially available dimmers for low voltage loads.