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Allow us to walk your office and property indoors and outdoors to assess how your property can be retrofitted with LED Products.

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Rebate & Warranty

Rebate & Warranty

Learn about how Retrofit Lighting submits your rebates for you & about our product warranties

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Allow us to give you a product demonstration showing the savings you will receive when you retrofit your current lighting.

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View our FAQs section to learn more about LED Lighting Systems & their benefits.

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Save Money with LED Bulbs

There has never been a better time to save money than today!

Just by switching out your old lighting technology with New low energy LED Lighting Products from Retrofit-Lighting.

You always here about a win, win situation, but they are always too good to be true. Well now you can be apart of one. By replacing your old lights with new LED Lights you will reduce the energy required to light your property or building; thereby save money that you currently spend on energy. You will also save money on maintenance cost and by reducing your Carbon Foot Print you help save the Environment. All this AND you get rebates as well. Really this is a win, win, win, win opportunity.

LED Lighting uses anywhere from 50% to 75% less energy that your current lighting products The savings here are immense. Savings are two fold, when you factor in that LED lighting products will last anywhere from 7 to 10 years or longer before they require replacing, so you realize incredible savings on maintenance cost. They literally almost disappear.
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About Us

The owners of Retrofit-Lighting have been working with LED lighting and other LED Products for over thirty years. With our knowledge and experience, you are in good hands when making the right choices about the LED lighting product that you should consider when replacing your old lighting lamps and fixtures. At Retrofit Lighting we always have the latest most energy efficient lighting products to offer to give you the most savings possible when you Retrofit to LED Lighting.

Our mission is to listen to our clients while we assess your lighting needs. We take lighting measurements before and after to ensure that you have the very best lighting product for your applications and we make sure you receive all your rebates.



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See the Benefits of Retrofit Lighting Bracket Lets start with the reason to switch to LED Lighting. The light in the "before" picture represents 1176 watts of power, while the light in the "after" picture represents just a fraction of that power using only 268 watts. That's a reduction of over 400% in power use and more than 400% reduction in energy cost. Learn More
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